>Winner of the Gypsy Moon Contest prize

>Hope everyone had a spooky and fun Halloween.  After dodging some hair-raising weather Friday evening in the form of three super cell tornadoes bearing down on our small town of Haleyville and surrounding towns of Bear Creek and Delmar, yesterday day dawned a little soggy.  By the evening we were well in the clear and everything, except the overfilled creeks and streams, had dried out.  Ghosts and goblins wandered the downtown mall area where all the local churches converged behind the local McDonalds and threw a huge festival filled with free candy, food, rides and games.  With my vampire and gypsy dressed daughters in tow (their certainly their mother’s child lol) we joined in the fun under a beautifully clear night sky and bright full moon. My treat was a red rose picked under the full moon by my mom.  Maybe this one will actually root.

While we were trick or treating, my husband-a die-hard deer hunter- killed a seventeen point buck in his greenfield near the house.  I’ve yet to see it, since it was too late to wander the woods to find it, but I’ll post pictures when I do.  Such is the life of a deer hunter’s wife.  Oh, but I stopped by to tell you the winner didn’t I?

Robin L. from Saskatchewan, Canada won the month long Gypsy Moon contest.  Her prizes are a signed 8×10 cover, a copy of the book, and tons of Halloween candy.  Susan L. won a copy of the book on a separate blog post at Lady Jane’s blog, and of course I still have seven winners to award a teaser page from Cullen’s Luck or Shadows of Light.  I’ve not been able to reach all of the winners yet, due to the storm and our net connections.  Congratulations to all my winners!!!!

Be blessed,