>Well, the website is back up and running.  Apparently an underground cable was cut close to the data center for webs.com which hosts my site. 

It’s sun shiny in Alabama today if a little on the cool side.  Perfect fall weather for us.  Basketball season has started for the local schools and my daughter has already cheered eight games this week and that many more left before the weekend.  I don’t know how she does it with her school work.  Just watching her wears me out, but then I guess I do the same thing taking more on my plates that I can handle, then plodding through them.  That’s life though, you just have to take it on.

I’m getting ready to really dig down into working on the Elemental Magic series books.  Lots to do with those characters.  Hopefully when all the remodeling is finished on my house, I’ll be able to dedicate even more time to them.  I’m looking forward to conjuring all their magic, lol.

I have passed along prizes to all my winners from Gypsy Moon’s release day party.  If you were a commentor and did not receive your prize, you should contact me at caglebethany@yahoo.com so I can get that to you. 

I hope everyone is well, at peace and happy.  Here’s a thought for your day.

The pen is my wand, words are my magic. Use them well, for they are mighty.

Be blessed,