>Contest from Red Rose Publishing author Biana Kingsley

>Contest! from fellow Red Rose Author Biana Kingsley

You could win The Best Reader’s Jackpot of the Year! How? Send me the funniest clean joke you know.

First Prize is 7 Novels!

Erotic Romance: Insufficient Mating Material by Rowena Cherry

Sci-Fi/Futuristic: Acknowledging Meirion by Zenobia Renquist

Mainstream Fantasy: Ivory Sword by A.A. Wolfner

Mainstream Fantasy: Bronze Sword by A.A. Wolfner

Historical Romance: Aphrodite’s Brew by Delle Jacobs

Sweet Romance: Make Believe Bride by Kelly McDonough

Sizzling Romance: Country Heat: Wolf in the Shadows by me, Biana Kingsley

Second Prize is 4 Novels!

Romantic Comedy: Heaving Bosoms by Ashlyn Chase

Mainstream Fantasy: Guardians of Eternity 1: Rogar of Hamun by Belinda Palmer

Erotic Romance: Secrets Vol 18 with a story by Linda Gayle
Sizzling Romance: Country Heat 1: Wolf in the Shadows by Biana Kingsley

And a Mystery Gift.

To see The Best Reader’s Jackpot novels and the author’s links, visit Biana’s Vault: http://bianakingsley.com/custom4.html

The Rules Are:

No racial, religious or dirty jokes. And no jokes that are politically incorrect in general. We all find them funny, but please don’t submit them. Words like hell and damn and ass are okay, but none of the more colorful cuss words.
It’s okay to use a joke from a magazine or other source, just please give the author credit by identifying name and the source of the joke.

Entrants may enter up to three times, in three separate emails.

The Best Reader’s Jackpot contest will run from Oct. 19th thru Nov. 19th.
That’s a full month to dig up the funniest joke you can! Good Luck.

The clean winning joke will be posted on my public website: www.BianaKingsley.com on my special contest joke page.
Here is my eMail: BianaKinglsey@gmail.com On the subject line, please put ‘The Best Reader’s Contest Joke’
Biana Kingsley


Everyone has permission, and is encouraged, to post The Best Reader’s Jackpot Contest info on any website, blogs, etc. Don’t think of it as helping your friends win the prize you want, think of it as their bland joke may make yours look better!