Word Wonder by Nancy K. Haddock

love words and always have.
Words written.
Words sung.
Words spoken on the Silver Screen to music that�s swelling or sweet or spooky.
Words uttered on the small screen � with or without a laugh track.
Words are wonderment to me, and so are the sounds that build them.  As Speech and Language Pathologist, I studied phonetics and, in doing so, became seduced by the sounds that breathe life into words. Plosives, fricatives, sibilants � and oh, those shapely vowels. The nuances of sound are like spices to my ear, flavoring words with delicacy or boldness.
To illustrate, let�s look at �The Fairy Ring.� Sure, the phrase carries a mystical connotation with the word �fairy� imbedded, but the words themselves and the combined rhythm create magic in my ear. �The� is a more specific article than amorphous �A,� and the voiced �th� is also a stronger sound. That forceful �th� is followed by soft unvoiced fricative �f� and the delicate �airy.� �Pixie� is playful, �elf� is efficient, but �fairy� floats. It takes flight from the lips. As for �ring,� the word feels both soft and solid in the mouth and on the ear without a hint of harshness. And what images leap to mind? Circles, cycles, eternity, infinity?
Taken together again, these three simple words, four simple syllables create an image for me that�s both strong and delicate, partly because of their combined sounds.
Novels, novellas and short stories aren�t often read aloud, but writers still work to create word magic in the mind�s ear. We use language to embrace the reader, to evoke emotion, to make the story journey worth the read. Whether a nonstop action thriller, a brooding gothic, or a light comedy, we pour ourselves into drafting and editing, layering and cutting, revising and refining. And then we do it all over again for each new project � immerse ourselves in the wonder of words.
So, are there words or phrases that tickle your tongue or sing magic in your ear? Please share them by leaving a comment, and I’ll pop in to chat!
My thanks to Brynna for inviting me to visit!  May all your writing and reading be fabulous fun!
Nancy Haddock is the author of LA VIDA VAMPIRE, the first in a new and quirky series from Berkley Publishing Group. Her second novel in the series, LAST VAMPIRE STANDING, is a May 5, 2009 release.  You can visit Nancy at http://www.nancyhaddock.com and enter her contests by clicking on the Beach Party page.
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Posted on Sunday, Feb 1, 2009, 11:00 PM (UTC -6)